New Years Card Sayings & New Year Cards Message & Blessing Quotes

New Years Card Sayings :-

New years card sayings in english and hindi. Share the new year quotes, sms and messages. Share the blessing quotes in english and hindi.

New Years Card Sayings
New Years images

One the road to success,
the rule is always to look ahead
May you reach your destination
May your journey be wonderful
Happy new Year in 2021

Happy new year in 2021.
May this new year all your dreams
turun into reality and all your efforts
into great achievements.

Wishing you a happy prosperous fun filled
Joyfull and fortunate
new year ahead
happy new year in 2021

New Year Cards Message :-

New year cards message share with friends and family. Enjoy this festival.

A new year is like a blank book,
and the pen is in your hands
it is your chance to write
a beautiful story for yourself.

May the new year bring joy,
peace and happiness to you
and your entire family
Happy new year in 2021

May the new year that follows
be the best you have ever had
Have a blissful new year!

May your days be painted in gold
May your life be filled with diamonds
May the stars shine bright on your world
May you have a fun filled year
Happy new Year in 2021

New year’s eve
in the first blank page
of a 365 page book
write a good one
Happy new year in 2021

Wishing you a
Happy new year with
The hope that you
will have many blessings
in the year to come.

Time is like a flowing river,
no water passes
beneath you feet twice, much like the river,
moments never pass you by again,
so cherish every moment that life gives you
and have a wonderful new year in 2021.

New Years Card Sayings
New Years Card

Is soft glistening night of stars,
hope all your aspirations come true.
May every star present in the sky,
Bring love and mirth to you.
Happy new year 2021.

New Years Card Sayings
New Years Card Sayings

Nights are Dark,
But days are light,
Wish your life will always be bright.
So my dear don’t get fear coz,
god gift us a “brand new year”
Happy new Year 2021“.

Blessing Quotes :-

Share the blessing quotes in english. Best Quotes in english, Best images for blessing, Best text and png.

1.) Each new day is a blessing.
Let go of all worries and be grateful
for all the positive in your life.

2.) Tha more gratefyll i am,
the more beauty I see.

3.) One day god will bless
you with one person that gives
you everything you’ve ever prayed
and cried for in other people.
and it’ll be beautiful.

4.) “Some blessings come soon,
some come late,
and some don’t come until heaven;
but for those who embrace
the gospel of jesus christ,
they come.”

5.) Be grateful for today and never
take anything for granted.
Life is a blessing.

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