Best Earphones Under 500 With Mic In India 2021 – Super Bass Sound

Best Earphones Under 500 :-

Best earphones under 500 buy the best premium product. This is boat company earphone. This is a wired earphone. It consists of Mic together. That you can talk to.

Best Earphones Under 500
Best Ear-phones Under 500

If we talk about its customer rating, then 105095 people have given a 4.5 star rating. If you want to take this boat earphone then its price is only 399 rupees only.

Its original price is 999 but the offer is going on now, due to which you are getting only 399.

In it you will get color black. You will get it wired. It is very strong. And you will get very good quality.

It will fit well in your ears. And then you can use it to listen to songs and talk to someone on the phone.

best earphones under 500 with mic
best ear-phones under 500 with mic

The bond of bass and resilience form the leaders in audio lifestyle. Boat company gives you 1 year warranty. Which you can activate by giving a missed call in the company.

The company number you have to call the miss is 9223032222. You can also mail the company if you want. The mail ID of the company is

If we talk about its dimensions, then it is 1.20 meters x 0.10 cm x 0.20 cm. The model number of this earphone is Bass Heads 100.

Best earphone under 500 with mic :-

It can control both your Android and iPhone. It also has a microphone. Which will make your talk with anyone.

It weighs very little. And it is easy to take it anywhere. It comes easily in your bag pocket and any of your pockets.

Its sound is very strong. If you listen to it 1 time, then your mind will listen every time.

The bass in it is of very super quality. You will miss the cinema hall and home theater.

You can get 4 colors in it. If you want to buy it, then you have given the link below, you can buy it by clicking on it.

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